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  • "I have been looking to purchase a bike for a few years. Did not want the "same" bike as everyone else, as soon as I saw the Indian it was love at first sight. There are no dealers in VA, so I jumped in the plane and flew to Greensboro to actually see one and hear it run. I left with an agreement to buy a 2014 Classic. Added some options and accessories and she is a beauty. Monty and Bob are great people and the rest of the team are a statement about their belief in these great motorcycles. I am a novice rider, and my bike has helped me gain confidence in it and my riding skills. I am happy I went to Greensboro Indian, the bikes are great, the people are even better."

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    Robert Brooks - Keswick, VA
  • "Picked up my new black vintage chief yesterday, Monty, Bob and the rest of the staff were great. The dealer had most of the assy. I wanted and were installed and ready to go went I got there. Great price on the bike, I had a great ride home. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new Indian motorcycle."

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    Greg Petty - Spring hope, NC
  • "I decided on one, Sunday morning to ride and check out the facility knowing they were not open (this is a 4hr ride 1 way for me). So I make up there, and there it sits, with the Indian Motorcycle Banner outside. So I get off my Chieftain to position a spot to take a picture -- well low and behold - its Monty welcoming me, saying "Man you got the jacket, you got the bike you got it all brother!!!" Not knowing who he was at the time, I greeted myself as did he and we immediately hit it off like 2 friends that have not seen each other in ages. I left with a great feeling about the shop, but more so about making a new friend. Happy to make a friend, as always."

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    Anonymous - Charlotte, NC
  • "One of the best days of my days ever. Though they have been open just a couple weeks they did everything to make the process the best that it could be. Monty, Bob and the staff at Indian Motorcycle Greensboro, NC, also made my wife and 3 year granddaughter feel right at home and were so welcoming. I would highly recommend anyone look for a Indian Motorcycle to go there!!!"

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    Robert Proffitt - Greenville, VA
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